Friday, September 28, 2007

I Wonder How I Ended Up with All This ...

… underwear!

Our wonderful front-loading washing machine has been sporadically throwing oil out onto our laundry since July. So I finally wised up and stopped playing Kenmore roulette with my favorite jeans/shirts/workout tanks about two weeks ago.

The only clothes still being washed in our washer are The Boy’s work clothes, which nobody will be able to tell are clean anyway, covered as they are in paint and glue and other permanent-type scenery-construction items.

So until yesterday, when my awesome (and out-of-town so I have the run of the laundry room) girlfriend W let me take my laundry to her place, I hadn’t washed my own clothes in 16 days. But I hadn’t yet run out of skivvies.

Odd. I don’t remember buying VS Signature Cotton in bulk at Costco. I don’t remember the last time I got a white Tyvek package from in Ohio.

But apparently, I’ve gone through a period of addiction to buying $2.99 (well, upon further research, the price has gone up to $3.99) clearance panties sometime in the past few years. At least I now know it was for a good reason—I’ve not been stressed about what to put on before I get dressed since the washer went on the fritz. And I counted yesterday while I was waiting for the repairman … I could have gone another 10 days or so. And I’m not exaggerating. I own almost 30 pairs of regular (and colored, and striped, and flower-printed, and snowflake-printed, and cherry-printed, etc.) bikini panties.

Wow. Wherever this crazy compulsion originated, I’m glad it did. Heaven forbid I should have to wash anything by hand!

The number of pairs of jeans I own, however, is a different story. Thank goodness for W’s generosity, is all I can say. What do you own in embarrassing quantities?


super jane said...

thanks to my mom, my own panty collection has been growing by leaps and bounds for the past 2 years. for any sort of occasion, my mom will send me a pair of vs panties here...a pair of vs panties there. it's fabulous! i'll get a pair for v-day...a few pairs in my stocking at christmas...a pair in an easter package she sends...etc. over the years, i've been able to discard my old hanes her way and get into the good stuff!

ps. when we started this blog, i can honestly say that i didn't think we would end up talking about our undergarments.

Wicked M said...
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Wicked M said...

What's funniest about this entry? After talking to you yesterday as you waited for said repair man, I went home and counted my underpants. And then told my husband your story. Sadly, my friend, I could have lasted just as long as you did. HA HA HA!!!

Wow. I always knew we all shared a lot amongst ourselves, but our "putting it out there" about our underthings is too funny to me! HILARIOUS! We must all still really be sorority girls at heart. Pillow fight!! *squee*

Oh and to answer your question. I own only junk food in embarrassing quantities. And shoes. And clothes. Aaaaand I'm leaving it at that.

glove said...

I am panty deficient. ESPECIALLY since my new dog has taken to munching on any wayward pair he can get his puppy teeth on.

I used to have an abundance of trouser socks, but they went the same way as the panties.

SO, I have an abundance of puppy-chewed delicate garments. Unfortunately.