Tuesday, September 4, 2007

I Wonder Why I Love the Smell of ...

… strange things. Things you probably shouldn’t enjoy smelling. Like gasoline, cheese, and smoke. I’ve always been this way; I can remember very clearly the time when a friend of mine at my first job found out about it. He teased me mercilessly b/c for some reason, he thought it would be funny to stick his work shoe (which was actually a dress shoe) in my face, and I didn’t instantly recoil, squealing like a girly-high-schooler. Instead, I said, “Hmm. It doesn’t stink, in a weird way.” And I took an extra sniff. I mean, it certainly didn’t smell like roses (which I don’t really care for the smell of, by the way), but it smelled kind of … sweet.

I know I’m not alone w/the gasoline thing … lots of people have that dirty little secret. There’s just something about pulling into the gas station with the windows down on a sunny weekend morning that lifts my spirits. Or gets me a little high. I’ve never huffed, but if I were to do so, there are quite a few things I’d like to sit around and smell all day: Sharpies, highlighters, and—ooh, especially—those super-heavy-duty industrial black magic markers with the metal barrel. Those are awesome.

Cheese is easy. The stinkier it is, the better it tastes—it’s a rule. I like putting Asiago on my pasta, I like goat cheese on my salads, and I would be the first person in line at a cheese-tasting class (if I had the money for one). My favorite kind of cheeseburger is one with bacon and bleu cheese.

Why do I like the smell of smoke? It often indicates that something bad is going down somewhere nearby, and living in western MT this summer has been a study in red-flag warnings. At times the smoke has been so oppressive that friends of mine who are new to the area have had trouble leaving the house. But somehow, I always think of campfires and therefore camping and am content.

Don’t get me wrong … there are lots of things that smell good that I enjoy (expensive men’s cologne, my laundry detergent, baking bread/cookies) … but sometimes, it’s the weird things I really want to wrap my nose around. How about you?


3 Parrots Island said...

...coming out of lurker-ville to join you in loving the smell of gasoline. Oh yeah. Fill 'er up baby.

Wicked M said...

Okay, so we should have a sniffing party apparently. It will require gasoline and sharpies. I love them both!

You crack me up, Sunshine!

super jane said...

mmm...lovin' the sharpies and smoke too. and your line about huffing cracked me up!
ps. thanks for starting off this week!