Monday, September 10, 2007

i wonder why people still wear mullets -- and other scary hairstyles/fashions

this wonder topic came into being when a man with a mullet came into our office. a mullet. why, oh why, are people still sporting these hideous hairstyles? it's 2007, people. let's move with the times, shall we? i honestly cannot figure out why men still wear these things. haven't they seen the ba-jillion comedians who poke fun at these hair-dos? ahem...i mean, hair-nots? what really gets me is that i live in a fairly large city. i might expect to see mullets way out in the country maybe, but in the city? now that is just wrong.

another do that drives me nuts is the big, 80s perm. do they even still make perm solution? the burn-your-eyes-and-singe-your-hair perm solution? i may be struck down for this, but there's gal in my church who wears one of these things on her head. she's a pretty lady, but i want to shake her and say, "sweetheart! wake up and smell the new decade!" i've known her for nearly 5 years now and each sunday she looks as though she's heading to a guns-n-roses concert after worship. i simply don't get it.

i'm just so baffled. i would hope that these horrid hair folks would look around and realize that no one else looks quite like them. it does seem like so many fashions make their way around again. maybe these folks are just holding out with the hopes that they'll be on the cutting edge if the mullet and 80s perm make a comeback. i'm just praying for the rest of our sakes that they never do.


glove said...

oh my god. This is a great topic. I have lots of responses, but I'd better save them for my own entry later. Suffice to say - I feel ya.

nejyerf said...

80's hair....i hope it NEVER comes back.

remember the girls who used to carry the economy sized cans of aquanet in their purses? and refreshed thier hairdos betweens classes?