Monday, September 17, 2007

i wonder why i ____________(insert weird habit/behavior here).

as i was grocery shopping the other day, i made an interesting observation about myself. i buy most everything in 3s. i bought 3 cans of pringles; 3 boxes of fruit snacks, 3 cans of crescent rolls; 3 packages of beef; 3 jars of pizza sauce; etc, etc.

it struck me as odd for a couple of reasons:
1) who does that?
2) why am i just now realizing that about myself?

i'm honestly annoyed by this newly discovered shopping habit and have been thinking about it since my shopping spree. (is it bad if you annoy yourself?) i'm not infatuated with the number 3. i've never played the lottery and i don't have any lucky numbers that are multiples of 3. i'm not even a superstitious kind of a gal (for the most part anyway). i've been trying to figure out why i settled on this particular number and i think i've come up with a reason. it makes sense to me, but perhaps everyone else may think it's just a bizarre form of ocd. my explanation for it is this: if i purchase only 1 i may run out. buying 2 just doesn't seem like enough. and purchasing 4 is obviously overboard. so, that leaves me with buying 3 of any given food item.

i'm trying to come to terms with this, but i'm struggling a bit. i just hope i don't think about it each and every time i'm in the grocery store - although i somehow doubt that it will happen. maybe i'll just have to send super jas to do the shopping from now on. i may be on to something.


Wicked M said...

I tend to do this as well! I think you are on the right track with the 3 being just enough. One is never enough and you'll just end up at the grocery the next day. Two will only last half a week and four is just too,too much. Three is perfect!

glove said...