Friday, June 27, 2008

I Wonder What We Should Write About Next?

I wonder . . .
  • what happened to FFAF? (I hadn't seen one in a while, so I leap forth with this, a topic brainstorm)
  • what beauty product I couldn't live without?
  • if I'll ever get a(nother) tattoo, and if so, what and why?
  • if __________ ever knew about ___________? (e.g. my hunky high school math teacher ever knew about my crush on him?) (that was a total hypothetical, BTW - my high school math teacher was a 60 year old woman)
  • what was the most hurtful thing ever said to me and how it's affected my life since?
  • " " " " " " " " kind " " " " " " " "?
  • what I'm going to do about _________? (e.g. the water dripping from my office ceiling all over my files?) (and that, unfortunately, is not a hypothetical)
  • what one thing I did this past year that I will one day regret/be so grateful for?
  • who my favorite writer is and why?
  • what I will be remembered for? (did we do this one? I feel like we might have done this one)
  • which is better - the Beatles or the Rolling Stones?
  • who is my favorite Spice Girl (or insert appropriate group) and why?
  • if I were a Spice Girl (or insert appropriate group), who would I be?
  • if my spouse were a Spice Girl (oiag), who would he be?
  • what one (publishable) thing did I do in college that I wish I could take back?
  • what other topic suggestions folks will put in the comments? Anybody?


super jane said...

whew. i have a topic in mind for next week and thankfully it's not on the list. at least, i don't think we've done it before.

and for the record, i did a semi-FFAF last week.

MSO Rin said...
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MSO Rin said...

I think that FfAFs should go the way of the dodo over the summer. That way we [read: I] don't have to feel guilty about taking a long weekend or freak out trying to post early/forward a Wonder to someone else to post for us [read: ME].

Just a suggestion. I [read: YOU SHOULD] think it's a good one. :)

Three Parrots Island said...

"I wonder....":

- what my dream car is?
- what Broadway musical I would be good in?
- what I say most in the house that a parrot (or toddler) now mimics?
- what store I want to win a shopping spree in?
- what I'm willing to do for $1,000,000 in tax-free cash?