Thursday, June 5, 2008

Cat Knows Best?

I have been pondering this question all week since learning of the topic. I mean, who really knows me? The easy answer is my mother. She has known me since before I was born and can read my emotions like an open book. We are very similar, have somewhat similar temperaments, and she always knows when to call so that I can download all of my pent up feelings to her. She knows just how to say things to calm me down, she understands why I am crying over the silliest things, and she "gets" me.

The other easy answer is my father. We have identical senses of humor, we both have a practicality about us, and we both deal with situations head on and without fear. We just do things, get them done and move on. My father seems to have a sixth sense for when I need a kick in the biscuit, when I need a kind word, and when I just need him to make me laugh. He has an almost eerie sense of knowing when I might need to talk to him and will call within minutes of my thinking of him.

The obvious answer, though, is my husband. He is my closest friend and confidante. He lives with me every day and knows just when to offer a hug, offer a hand, or offer an ear. He knows when to tell me that I am acting like a brat and he knows when to keep his mouth shut. He understands my crazy moods, laughs at my silly dance moves, and thinks that I am cute when I talk about a certain type of food that I love to eat. He knows about my crazy college past and he is probably quite thankful that he met me after that period of my life passed. He knows my closest girlfriends and loves them for the same reasons I do. He treats my family with respect because he knows how important they are to me. He truly understands me in a way that no longer requires words and that means everything. He truly is my soul mate and knows me better than anyone else out there.*

*Except for maybe Wondercat. He has known me for over ten years and can read my moods without fail. He cuddles me when I am sick, knows that he needs to cuddle me when I am home alone at bedtime, and he knows when to go run and hide. But I could not very well say that a cat knows me better than my husband!

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