Friday, June 20, 2008

a random wonder for the day.

my apologies for slacking this week. i was at a meeting for our state association on monday and tuesday and then decided that hell, half the week was over, so what was the point in a new topic? besides, i saw wicked m last night, so i know she wouldn't have had a chance to post on here. and, if i'm not mistaken, g love is out west visiting mso rin. so, instead of posting this week, the four of us WW had a wonderful time chatting in person.

btw, wicked m, it was beyond fabulous to spend some time with you last night! and i hope the damage from aj's plastic sword lashings is healing well. mso and g love, i hope you are having a great time catching up too!

so that this week is not all lost, i do have a wonder today. it actually struck me when i was in the shower this morning. i reached for my razor and read the word printed on it "QUATTRO." i have had this razer forever and have read the word "QUATTRO" several times each week, but never has it sparked a 'wonder.' until today.

i understand that they named the razer 'QUATTRO' because it has four blades. it's a nice play off of the spanish word for the number four which we all know is 'quatro.' but i wonder if other countries use this type of word play with english words. do you think there is a razer somewhere in mexico called 'four?'

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