Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I Wonder What I'd Make Illegal?

You know what I really hate? When you take even one day off from work and come back to find that all holy hell broke loose while you were gone ... because you were gone. I'm all for being irreplaceable, but come on. Our coworkers can negotiate eight hours without their hands being held, right? Wait. Don't answer that.

So I think it should be illegal for people to have to "pay" for going on vacation/taking a personal day/being ill. Nobody should have to do twice as much work on the day of her return or suffer under mountains of "catching up" for a week that will make the memories of her pleasant time away fade too quickly.

It shouldn't be lawful for someone's stress to make her say, "You know what? It almost wasn't worth it."

It's just shameful. And until there's no more penalty work for PTO, I'm going to fight back by posting on the clock and taking every second of my lunch break.

Right. Now.

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Wicked M said...

Um, yes. Beyond annoying. Outlaw immediately.

glove said...

G. Love
(returning from a 6 week maternity leave?? Is. A Freaking. Nightmare)

super jane said...

the work we do prior to leaving and the make-up work we do when we return hardly makes it worth the actual vacation. which should be outlawed for the sheer suckiness of it.

kaycee said...

Just be more of a slacker, man. Then when you are gone, it's like you are still there.
Problem solved.