Wednesday, June 25, 2008

We All Know What I Would Eat

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I love to eat. LOVE to eat. Anyone who has known me for any amount of time also knows that my list of favorite foods is long and full of junk. So it should not be any surprise to you at all that my last meal would contain a long list of awful-for-you-food that all tastes divine. Let us begin.

I would begin my meal with chips and salsa from On The Border (OTB). Of course. I would pair that with a strawberry margarita. The sweet and salty always make me happy. I would then have a serving of chicken fajitas from OTB. At this point, I would probably already be stuffed. However, if this is my last meal, you can bet that I will go out with a stomach FULL of food.

Next, I would have a piece of thin-crust Domino's cheese pizza and an order of their breadsticks. I would follow that up with some Cheetos for something a little bit lighter and I would pair that with a Mountain Dew.

Then I would have a nice glass of Oliver Winery's Soft Rose. Just to give myself a few minutes to reflect upon the things I had just eaten.

And then? Bring on the fair food! Corn on the cob, home-made potato chips, Sno Cones, lemon shake-ups and, of course, funnel cakes!

At this point, I would probably either pass out or explode. It may be an explosion of happiness, but an explosion nonetheless. I am sure it would not be pretty, but if I am dead I probably do not care, do I? Seriously, if I can have this meal, bring on the death explosion! Then again, this insane eating may just be another Saturday afternoon at my house -- but Superman and I will never tell.


glove said...


I actually got a little sick to my stomach reading this. It was the fair food that did it - my stomach recalled many a bad decision from my past re:fair food. Ahh, funnel cakes.

super jane said...

i love how you described cheetos as a lighter food.

and can i have one itty bitty glass of that wine? i'm so glad you introduced it to me the other week. it's goooood!

Wicked M said...

Cheetos ARE a lighter food! And that Oliver Wine is DIVINE. We must share a bottle again soon. I am so jealous that you live in the land of Oliver Wine aplenty!

Ah, fair food. Superman would tell you that fair food makes him feel queasy too, but that does not usually stop him from enjoying the gluttonous pleasure with me!