Thursday, May 29, 2008

You Lost Me At Sci-Fi

Sci-fi has never really interested me. You will never find me intently watching Star Trek and you will more than likely never hear me chatting about Saturn's rings. I never dreamt of being an astronaut or traveling through space. I was just never into it.

The whole Phoenix Mars Lander deal is pretty cool in that it does display how far our space program has come in such a short time. But I have this sneaking suspicion that the reason they want to determine if other planets could/can sustain life is so that they can ship some of us there. And? Well, no.

First, in my husband's esteemed words (after looking at some of the pictures from the Phoenix), "It looks like someone went out to a junkyard and took some pictures of the dirt." So, that landscape really sounds enticing. I like my green grass, pretty flowers, and civilization. Second, the atmosphere just does not appeal to me. I would have to wear one of those fancy space suits to go anywhere and then I could not show off my cute shoes or my funny t-shirts. Also, it takes forever to get to any other planet(s), so visiting friends and family would be nearly impossible. I have learned in the last few years that I absolutely cannot live without seeing my family and friends more often than say, oh, NEVER. Living on another planet is just not for me.

I would be happy to hear that the Phoenix does discover some interesting things. Maybe some prehistoric chocolate or some alien species that has advanced the human body to such a point that I could eat whatever I want and not get fluffy. Now, that would be a find I would be interested in hearing about!

So, the Jetsons can keep space travel for now. Maybe someday my grandchildren's grandchildren will be living on Mars, but I will keep Earth for myself, thanks.

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