Monday, May 5, 2008

i wonder what my best physical trait is?

hello all! i am now taking over the reigns to the ww blog. please bear with me as this is our busy season in my profession. i will do my absolute best to keep up with the monday morning topic, but if i fail to post until tuesday, please don't remove us from your 'favorites.' thank you.

now, on to the topic. i wonder what my best physical trait is? i'm sure this is a tough one for most women, but we all know we have that little something about ourselves that makes us think, 'yeah, i'm hot.' that one trait that makes us just a bit vain. the one trait that makes us think, 'yeah, i hear that a lot' when someone compliments it.

in my opinion, my best physical trait is my hair. i started out with good intentions to grow my hair for locks of love. my hair grows quickly, so i knew it wouldn't take me long to get the required inches. but as my hair grew, the shinier it got. the shinier it got, the more compliments i received. and now, i just can't stand to part with it. i know it's selfish. i know it's completely vain, but i can't help it.

i love the way my hair looks now. i love that i can pull it up into a ponytail or just let it air dry and it looks great. i love that i don't have to do anything with my hair. and i love that nearly every day someone at the university comments on how long my hair is getting and how pretty it looks. i've never cared about my hair before, but somehow i've morphed into a gal who can't stand the thought of cutting it short again. what is wrong with me?

so there you have it.
my vanity.
my deadly sin.
my hair.

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Wicked M said...

Dude, your hair is gorgeous! I loved it when it was short too, but long hair seems to suit you. It's so shiny!!