Monday, May 19, 2008

i wonder how i'm going to spend my economic stimulus check?

we've anxiously checked our bank accounts waiting for our big federal bonus. we've logged on to the irs website in an attempt to pinpoint the exact date our stimulus check may arrive. i know we've all had this conversation with coworkers, family, and friends. but, since i just received my check in the mail, i thought about how we're going to spend the money that has newly padded my bank account.

super jas and i have discussed this issue several times. i proposed that we put $300 in each of the girls' bank accounts and let the rest of it sit in ours. we're very cheap (er...i mean 'frugal') and i confess that i hate spending money. surprisingly enough, he agreed. well, except for the part of giving $300 to little mama and aj. okay, fine. we'd save it for a rainy day when financial times became tough.

little did i know that we would spend our stimulus check the way in which it was intended last week. our lovely dog, zeke, decided that he would like to eat our storm door. he's right at a year old and although everyone tells me that he'll grow out of the chewing stage, i've yet to see any progress from him. this door wasn't the best quality. the lower portion of it had started to bow from weather or shoddy craftsmanship or whatever. it doesn't matter, i guess. what matters is that the bottom portion began to come apart and within a matter of days, zeke had chewed the entire bottom off of the door. the chipboard and fibers and everything else that gets stuffed into the lower portion of a storm door (and i think you'd be surprised at the kind of stuff that is in there) was all over our deck. and in zeke's poop scattered through the backyard.

okay, there goes $350 for a new storm door. at least we have a little left. oh, i think i should mention that we did not get the full amount in our stimulus check. we were expecting the $1800 that was more or less promised to us. how ticked was i when our actual check was for $1300? but, i digress...

after the $350 storm door, that left us with $950. that's not bad. but then...wait for it...wait for it... we went to the dentist. to make a long story short, we dropped our dental insurance because we discovered that we were paying MORE in order to HAVE insurance than we would be if we just paid the dentist out of pocket. (shouldn't that be illegal? g love, can you chime in here, ms. HR?) so, the super fam went to the dentist last thursday afternoon and dropped a cool $700 on cleanings. super jas has one cavity (which was cost us $200 on tuesday) and little mama is having her one and only adult tooth sealed (which will cost us $35 on tuesday).

the grand total for our home and dental improvements? since i work in the world of financial aid, i'll crunch the numbers for you. the grand total is $1285. we have a mere $15 left over from our stimulus check. i think i may spend that $15 on a case of beer. after this last week, i think i need it.

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Wicked M said...

dude. Let's all drink. Immediately.