Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I. Am. Hot.

If I were writing this entry a few years ago, I would have probably said that my best physical feature is my legs. Now they are cellulite covered and are quite large, so they are no longer what I am most proud of. My biscuit used to get me a lot of compliments, but these days I try to hide it more than I try to show it off. My six pack abs are now hiding under a layer of junk food fluff so they are out too. My hair? It is not so bad, but it is very short so I cannot compete with girls like super jane who have long, lovely, flowing locks of hair. Should I be boring and say my eyes? I do love my eyes as they are bright green, change colors depending upon what I am wearing, and they are very big. Nearly everyone asks me if my green eyes are my natural color and they are always shocked when I answer in the affirmative. I have really pretty hands! I also have collarbones that could cut glass. None of these is right...

I am going to be tricky and say my voice and my laugh. Shut up. I am combining them because I can! And they are physical traits! You just cannot see them upon meeting me. Anyway, my voice is super rad. I would like to say that I have a very expressive voice, I can do all kinds of funny sound effects, and I can make my voice smooth like buttah when necessary. If you know what I mean. My voice is uniquely mine and I have never met anyone else with a voice even remotely similar to mine. (As a side note? I love that we all have that internal voice ear that is totally thrown when we hear our voice on an answering machine or voice mail -- "I do NOT sound like that!".)

My laugh is part and parcel of my voice, I believe. It can be totally silent, it can be quiet and giggly or it can be loud and raucous. And, yes, people do turn and look at me when I let out a big guffaw in a public place. Even now, there are times my own husband will turn and look at me with his eyes wide and full of surprise after I have laughed loudly. It is almost as if he cannot believe that I am actually laughing that loud. Hey, he may have married me for my collarbones and/or my green eyes, but he stayed for the like-buttah voice and the laugh shocks! My laugh, like my voice, is something that is all my own. I used to hate that I laughed so loudly or that when I laugh and laugh and laugh, I sometimes snort. Now that I am older, I embrace the laugh and the snorting (it happens rarely but when it does, it is very good for getting others to laugh too) as part of who I am. I am less inhibited as I age and I think my sense of humor improves as well. So, the laugh is really just a complement to my sense of humor. (Physical traits here, people, but I totally would have chosen sense of humor for my best non-physical trait! I am hilarious and I find quite a lot of things hilarious. Also? My sarcasm. DUH.)

***Do not for one second think that I did not consider writing this entry from the perspective of one of my internal organs or cervical rib. Yes, rib, I only have one. I could have gone muuuuch deeper with this entry, so be very appreciative that I chose voice and laugh.


super jane said...

your big laugh.

like the time when we had dinner in ralston and i fell off of the bench outside of ben and jerry's.

love it.

Wicked M said...

Ben & Jerry's. Yummay. But see, that is the EXACT reason that I know have thunder thighs and a biscuit the size of Texas. Ice cream! Cheetos! Pizza!

But the laughing was fun! Come visit me again!