Thursday, May 22, 2008

How Many Times Can I Spend My Economic Stimulus Check?

So here's the thing. We owed in taxes exactly the amount (plus $35) that we are getting in our stimulus check, so technically we are at a wash, in the negative even. But still, we had to pay those taxes in April, and we don't get our check til June, so it still feels like a bonus.

So hmmmm . . . on which of these should we spend our bonus bucks?

  1. A relaxing weekend cruise to the Caribbean, to re-charge our batteries after our recent life-changing event
  2. A wild night on the town, including an extravagent five course dinner for two, a dozen martinis apiece, a night in a newly built and fancy local hotel, mountains of Tylenol and coffee for the morning after, and reliable babysitting
  3. Matching forearm tattoos for Darlin', Frog, and me that say ANARCHY RULZ.
  4. An afternoon at the spa, where I will get my toenails, fingernails, hair, and (dear god, the most pressing thing) EYEBROWS done, and then get treated to a full body massage, and where Darlin' will get a steam and massage and anything else his little heart desires
  5. A new pet elephant
  6. A live-in masseuse
  7. A new wardrobe that bridges this awkward stage when I look ridiculous in both my maternity clothes (swimming in them, I am) and my regular clothes (I look like the Incredible Hulk just before he bursts through his shirt)
  8. A trip to Vegas with the other Wonder Women
  9. New truck tires, required for it to pass inspection which was due in, oh, JANUARY; a new catalytic converter for the Matrix; other routine car maintenance we recently had done; our hospital bill for birthing the boy which we were told seven months ago would be pretty much free and boy did they lie through their teeth; dental cleanings for both of us (and, sj, I do the same as you - decent dental insurance is going the way of the dodo these days); the yearly checkup and required shots for the cat and dog; I COULD GO ON

There used to be a time when I thought $1200 was big bucks, boy, if only I had $1200, man, I would be SET. These days . . . oh, these adult days . . . well, let's say $12,000 would be a little more like it! But, I'm not going to be one to look a gift horse in the mouth. We could have had all these expenses and no check coming, so I won't complain. I'll just grit my newly cleaned teeth, part my forest-like eyebrows so I can see, put my un-cut-for-6-months-and-counting hair in a ponytail, hang up a photo of the Caribbean (or better yet, review our honeymoon photos), survey my newly maintained and reliable cars, pet my newly maintained dog and cat, and go give my baby boy a big old raspberry in his chubby belly.

The extra bonus, though, is that we get a $35 refund on our state taxes. So I've got enough to join sj and Wicked in drinking down a six pack. And I might have a little left over to splurge the ten bucks to get my eyebrows done. ;)

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