Tuesday, May 27, 2008

i wonder if space travel will ever become more common.

i'm sure you've all heard about NASA's phoenix mars lander. according to cnn, the mission of the phoenix is to study whether mars could "have supported primitive life." it is also investigating the possibility of ice on mars and whether there are organic compounds in the soil. this mission has been one of a kind and i marvel at how far space travel has come since the days of buzz aldren and neil armstrong. if our technology and world can advance so mush so quickly, what possibilities are being held for us in the next 40 years?

i know that there have been a few civilians who have been able to experience space travel. wait. let me rephrase that. i know there have been a few incredibly wealthy civilians who have been able to experience space travel. and i think that in the decades to come, more and more people will have this opportunity afforded to them. i would like to think that nearly anyone who wanted to experience the thrill of blast-off and moon walking would be able to do it, although i can't say that i would be counted among them. it scares me, to be quite honest. but so do numerous other things that everyday people do on an everyday basis.

i do believe that space travel will become more common, but only among the very wealthy. besides, if our world can't figure out alternative fuel options (or make them readily available to the 'commoners' like myself), why would i think that average joe american could afford to travel through space? the technology will arrive, but will the economic resources?

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