Thursday, October 4, 2007

i'm not a myspace kind-of-a-gal.

i know that myspace and facebook are all the rage right now, but i'm just not into it. i do enjoy looking up folks on myspace to see where they're living and if they're married and if they have kids, but i don't want to put my info out there. okay, i know i have a blog outside of this one that shows pictures of my girls and gives more details about my life. anyone can stumble across it, i suppose, but people can't purposefully look me up. i give the link to my personal blog to those i don't mind reading up on my life and that's it. sure you can find me in a round about way, but i'm not sticking myself out there for all to see.

i work at a university and so i think i worry about my colleagues and students finding me more so than i do my former classmates. i would love to get caught up with my old high school buddies whom i haven't spoken with in ages, but in creating a myspace page, i've allowed every faculty member on campus access to my golden years. besides, who knows what some of my old college gals might say on my comments page!

i know you're thinking, 'well, you can make your page private and pick and choose who sees your page.' i'm fully aware of this option, but just having a page out there would cause ridicule and snooty glances from university employees to fall my way. it's just not a chance i'm willing to take.

so instead of putting myself out there for all the world to see, i'll continue to blog in semi-anonymity. that is, until this blog hits the big time and blows my cover.


Wicked M said...

Which is totally going to happen. FYI. This blog is going to get BIG!

I'm hardly ever on MySpace or Facebook and I have all of my stuff private, but I do enjoy getting comments and such. It entertains me, I guess.

I can see your point about being ridiculed though. If I worked where you work, I probably wouldn't do it either. :)

MSO Rin said...

I have been encouraged by my "kids" (the majors in the department) to MySpace and/or Facebook. To them, I say, "I have an addictive personality. And I like my job. If I had a MySpace or Facebook page, I'd do nothing but that all the time and get fired for never working. So, sorry!" But really, I'm just too old for that crap. If you want to talk to me, email or call me. Amen.
**This is an internal feeling of oldness. No judgements to those of us who ARE into MySpace et al.**

glove said...

I have a myspace. I look at it maybe once every 3 months. I'll get a friend request from someone I haven't seen or heard from in years, and a flurry of emails back and forth will commence, and a week later we'll be done catching up and remember why we lost touch in the first place - because we have little to say to each other. So it has not caught on with me particularly either. But. If I had more free time . . . it just might become my life.