Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I Wonder Why Lateness Bothers Me?

This topic was a tough one for me. I'm having one of those days where everything is bothering me, so I could have easily written this entry about 100 different things. Rudeness? People who just have to get in front of you in traffic? People who don't follow the rules? Coworkers who don't wash their hands? People who tell me to lighten up? -sigh-

I suppose that lateness has long been a pet peeve of mine because I’m almost always early. I hate having to wait on other people to show up. I hate feeling like I wasted my time and that I could have been doing something more fun than standing there waiting for them while they dawdled. Being late occasionally is understandable. It does happen to everyone and sometimes circumstances are beyond your control. However, when you are perpetually late, it drives me bonkers.

I have a friend who is always late. When I say always, I mean always. And she isn’t late by five minutes. She is consistently late by at least thirty minutes. I have tried tricking her by giving her a different time, but she still manages to meander in thirty minutes late and apologizes all over the place. I’ve always smiled and accepted her apologies, but inside I’m seething.

I think what bugs me most about people being late is that it makes me feel like my time isn’t valuable to them. It’s almost as if they think I have an extra thirty minutes built into my day to just sit around and wait for them to show up and grace me with their presence. It’s beyond irritating to me that these people think the world will wait for them.

I mean, what’s so darn difficult about planning ahead and being sure you have ample time to get somewhere? What’s so hard about knowing when you need to leave and actually leaving at that time? I just don’t get it.

A close second in my world of pet peeves is people who don’t pay attention while walking in public places. You don’t just stop in the middle of the walkway! Move to the side and then you can stop. So annoying.

*FYI: I give people with kids or health issues a pass on this pet peeve. There's no predicting when your toddler will have a meltdown that causes you to be ten minutes late or when you will be feeling so sick that you couldn't get up off the couch for another twenty minutes. I won't be peeved at you at all. I will be sympathetic.


glove said...

Dibs on the handwashing thing as my pet peeve. I've encountered it too much lately, I can't wait to complain about it.

And I'm glad we don't meet in real life too often . . . because I'm perpetually late. I guess I feel the same way you do - I have so many things to do with my time! SoI just try to squeeze too much into the time I have. I could be 5 minutes early for work . . . or I could use that 5 minutes to throw an extra load of laundry in, water my drooping hydrangea, clean up a doggie accident, and toss some dishes in the dishwasher. Whoops! Now I'm 15 minutes late!

To be fair to myself, though, I'm rarely late when I'm meeting a person or people who need me to begin. I'm late for work, for class, for a movie, but never late for band rehearsal, training classes that I'm leading, staff meetings . . . So I guess it could be worse! Yay for rationalizing bad behavior!

Wicked M said...

Something that occurred to me after writing this post (and then driving home in rush hour traffic) is that one of my biggest pet peeves is when people don't do the wave after you let them in front of you in traffic. I HATE that!

GLove, I think time gets away from everyone. I'm certainly not always punctual (I'm especially guilty of the "let me just do a few more things before leaving for work" thing)...I guess maybe it's persistent lateness that bothers me so much.

Plus, you're so nice and adorable that I would forgive you for being fiveminutes late! :)

Amy said...

WickedM - I totally agree with this entire post! I am always early, and absolutely hate waiting on people. of course, as you said, people with kids or health issues get a pass in this department! Unfortunately, my husband is always late, for everything. We're working on this! :)

Also, the hand wave in traffic? How hard is it to do? Just show a bit aof appreciation people! lol

Yesterday I went to the a local coffee/dougnnut shop to get a bagel for breakfast. I'm coming and a guy is just heading out. Both of his hands are holding a coffee cup, so I hold the door for him. Doesn't say a peep to me. I sarcastically say "you're welcome" and he clues in to thank me. It was kind of bitchy on my part, but geesh...again, how hard is it to offer a thank you if someone holds the door for you?

OK, rant over. Sorry!

Wicked M said...

Amy - The people not saying thank you when you hold the door open for them!? Exasperating!

I often find myself thinking "You are welcome, Rude!" or saying it out loud when I'm feeling especially feisty.