Friday, October 26, 2007

an 'i wonder' letter

dear fellow employee,
i wonder what possesses you to slather on so much perfume each morning. really, what gives?

is it a fear or insecurity about body odor? is it that you don't shower every morning and feel the need to cover up a stench? come on now, you can tell me. don't be shy.

i'm sure that you have felt that burning sensation in your own nose before. you know what i'm talking about...that stinging feeling that your nose hairs are being singed? yeah, i get to experience that unpleasant sensation each and every time i encounter you. i try not to breathe through my nose sometimes while we interact, but then i find my throat beginning to tighten up. and as i leave, i can taste your perfume in my mouth. and i don't necessarily like the taste of roses.

please. one squirt of your rosey scent is plenty. no need to wear 1/4 of a bottle each day.
your disgruntled, anti-rose colleague

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glove said...

This was actually a scenario in a training video I had to watch about employee relations and teamwork. HR Manager - here is the situation - What Would You Do? If I were you, I would pawn it off on the HR or Office Manager. That's our job. :) I once had to tell woman that she smelled, and not because of perfume. Because of this thing called a shower, which she had apparently never been introduced to. People, get a clue.