Tuesday, October 2, 2007

I Wonder Why I'm Not Into...

This entry was a tough one for me. We all know I'm a little strange; I don't use a snooze button and I have a desperate love affair with Cheetos. I could have taken the easy way out and written about why I'm not into porn, but that post could have certainly gone down the wrong road very quickly. [Insert your own joke(s) here] I thought about writing about scrapbooking because I'm not really into it, but then I realized that I do have a couple of scrapbooks. I made them only under duress and out of guilt, but I didn't enjoy it. At all. Yard work? Scuba diving? Karaoke? Ehhh.

Finally, this morning it came to me. I was standing in the kitchen at work and was filling my huge thermos with water from the cooler. In the time it took me to fill my thermos, three different people came in and got coffee. Two more people walked by with Starbucks cups. It occurred to me that I'm just not into coffee. Horror!

My mother loves good coffee and has one cup every morning before she leaves for work. She usually takes about ten minutes to read while she savors the flavor of her steaming cup of joe. As a child, I recall how our house smelled every morning as the coffee percolated. It smelled heavenly and I always thought it smelled like it should taste so yummy. But it didn't.

I asked my mom for a sip once as a child and as soon as that hot coffee hit my tongue, my dream of it tasting yummy was dashed. Ick. I gave coffee several chances throughout my college days and throughout my early twenties -- I was overjoyed when I heard about flavored coffees -- I thought for sure that I would enjoy something with a name like 'Hazelnut Supreme' or 'Mint Chocolate Bean'. Alas, I was wrong. My tongue just rejects it and it makes my stomach feel sour.

I do love the smell of coffee and it will always remind me of my mother and of the cozy house I grew up in. But I'm not drinking coffee and you can't make me.

*In order to make myself feel like less of a freak show, I have to disclose that Superman does not drink coffee either. We don't have a coffee pot and we don't have any instant coffee either. Neither of us like the taste and are glad to have not started the habit of coffee every morning. More power to those that love their coffee though!
**Why do I always feel the need to end my posts with things like: "Please don't stone me," or "Please don't hate me for not loving x."? I noticed this the other day as I was reading back through archives. Call me a people pleaser, but I want everyone to like me! Despite my hatred of the snooze alarm and of coffee! Love me! As of now, I'm suggesting a week of WW Therapy in which we each write about something like this and others can offer comments or suggestions. Mmmmkay?


super jane said...

i do like my coffee, but thankfully i'm not addicted to it. i've been drinking coffee since i was a toddler. my dad is a heavy coffee drinker (i'm talking like 4 pots a day by himself and i'm not even kidding) and i've always enjoyed drinking a cup of it with him.

super jas rolled his eyes at me this past sunday at church. i got myself a cup of coffee and alana immediately asked for a cup too. i got her a small cup and before i knew it, she had downed it and asked for more. the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, does it!?

MSO Rin said...
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MSO Rin said...

Ah, coffee. The great divider. Remember my post about stageXing's hatred for coffee? I got more comments from that post than from any other I've done. Wicked M, I can feel superior to people who dislike "Buffy" or Ben Folds, but I can't dog someone for not liking coffee. B/c I'm not into mushrooms, and some people think it's not a pizza w/out them. So you stay strong. Nobody's gonna stone you. We'll just be more awake than you ... and have darker teeth. :)

glove said...

I used to be into coffee. Here lately I've reduced my intake . . . Orange tea is more tasty to me. Boy, nothing wakes you up like a cup a joe, though!

I dated someone once whose mother made him "milky coffee" when he was a kid - it was a cup of warm milk with a splash of coffee in it. I think we'll do that with ours. Start 'em young.

PS The unabashed Cheetos loving makes up for the coffee and snooze button hatin'. You're cool.

3 Parrots Island said...

It's like I can't stay away from you Women this week...but you're hitting on my favorite stuff...first football - then this!

I'm addicted to coffee, proven one morning when the Man SWORE me up and down that he made regular (not decaf) and finally confessed his sin after watching me struggle with a headache and droopy eyes throughout the entire morning. Every morning at work I enjoy a large cup (office brewed, I'd rather not pay for it) while surfing the news of the day. It's my comforting way of starting the day.

Did I just make that ryhme up or is that a jingle? Folgers anyone?