Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I Wonder Why I Watch That?

Okay, so this entry could easily be 400 paragraphs long. I watch so much bad-for-me television that it is embarrassing. Truly, truly embarrassing. For the sake of full disclosure, I'll list what you can find on my television weekly. I religiously DVR or watch Dancing with the Stars, The Biggest Loser, America's Next Top Model, Gossip Girl, The Hills, The Real World, The Office, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Grey's Anatomy, The Amazing Race, and Making the Team: The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. *blush* You know what, I'm actually not even embarrassed. I love my television shows and I'm not ashamed -- except for maybe the part about Gossip Girl and The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.

I guess each show could incite me to want to try something new or to change something about myself. Mostly though, I watch television to escape. I love to settle in with a DVR of The Office and just laugh my biscuit off. It helps me forget that rude thing my boss said or the fact that one of my friends hasn't called me in more months than I can count.

Dancing with the Stars makes me want to be a dancer, The Biggest Loser makes me want to become an inspirational personal trainer and America's Next Top Model makes me want to chop all of my hair off. Gossip Girl makes me want to grow my hair out long and flowy, The Hills makes me want to go shopping and The Real World makes me thankful that I've never been on a reality show. The Office just makes me laugh (and makes me very thankful that my boss isn't Michael Scott!). Extreme Makeover: Home Edition proves to me that there is still good in the world. Grey's Anatomy makes me happy that I'm not so serious all the time, The Amazing Race makes me want to travel the world and discover new places, and Making the Team: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders makes me want to be more flexible and to be skinny enough to fit into one of those minuscule uniforms.

Television is an escape for me. It can be a supreme time suck, but I also think that it can be inspirational and motivational. I also like that television shows mean cuddle time on the couch with Superman. We can laugh and/or cry together. We bond. MSO Rin and I bond at least once a week over a television show that we've both seen and can't wait to talk about. I love my television and I'm not giving it up anytime soon. Oh no.

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MSO Rin said...

I ADORE that you have found inspiration in even the worst shows! What does "Rock of Love" make you? :)