Wednesday, October 24, 2007

i *heart* jack malone.

boy, this is really a hard one for me. it seems like anymore, i hardly ever have time to watch tv. i used to *love* 'antm.' i was addicted to 'the bachelor' back in the good ole bachelor days. my worst addiction ever though was to 'temptation island.' does anyone remember this show? it only lasted for 3 seasons, but it rocked! i'm embarrased to admit it that i thought this show was AWESOME! plus, the guys on there were incredibly hot. you can never go wrong with a show that has good looking guys in it. am i right, ladies?

there are 2 shows nowadays that i cannot live without. 1) amazing race (season 12 begins on november 4!) and 2) without a trace.

1) this show is the best show ever created (imo). and sometimes when i'm in the city or on vacation or traveling about, i imagine that i'm on the show just to see how well i do. like when super jas and i spent 2 weeks in europe with some friends. we ventured out by ourselves one night and suprisingly, we made it back to the hotel in one piece. we joked that we would rock on 'amazing race' and we still plan to audition one of these days. i mean who wouldn't want to cast us on the show? an adorable wife, a husband with a brain tumor, and 2 pretty sharp personalities? we're a shoo-in, i tell ya, a shoo-in.

2) i got addicted to 'without a trace' last year. apparently, it's been on for several years (in fact, it started right after leah was born in '02), but it never made an impact on me. it's a great show, but what i love most about it is jack. call me crazy, but this guy just does something for me. he's smooth, he's gruff, and he takes no crap from anyone. i know he's old enough to be my dad, but i don't care. yum. i love him anyway.

and those are my guilty tv pleasures. like i said, i don't get the chance to watch a lot of tv, but my world stops for these two fantastic shows.

ps. have i mentioned that jack malone is my boyfriend?


Wicked M said...

Okay, Temptation Island? That show was amazing! The entire premise was disgusting and awful, but the drama was awesome!!

Also? If you get cast on Amazing Race and I don't? I'm not sure I'll be able to breathe due to my jealousy. I would give almost anything to be on this show!! I LOVE this show and hope that it goes on for another million seasons!

super jane said...

maybe we can ditch the boys and go on it together! do you have a good sense of direction?

MSO Rin said...

YAY for "The Amazing Race!" stageXing doesn't watch it, but I like to sneak it in when he's not paying attention to the remote. I think super jane has a great idea ... maybe all the WonderWomen should apply as a non-negotiable four-superhero team?

Wicked M said...

super jane,

I am totally in for our being partners! I have an excellent sense of direction and I have no doubt that the two of us could use our charms to our advantage in different countries together!