Thursday, May 16, 2013


Back in February, I posted this.  Since I've already discussed the worry that plagues me when it comes to my girls, I'll let you take a sneak peak into my brain and discover the worries that are swirling around in there at this very moment.

1.  The associate director in my office is leaving.  I have not worked one day at this joint without her.  She's been with me for 10.5 years and soon she'll be gone.  She has been like a big sister to me and has been my mentor since Day 1.  I worry how I'll do without her.  And I worry about who will take her place.

2.  My car is a beater.  I'm fine with it looking the way it does, but I worry about it breaking down on me.  I don't worry so much that I'll be stuck on the side of the road; rather, I worry about having to purchase a new vehicle.  We haven't had a car payment in 5+ years, so the thought of actually having one makes me queasy.

3.  I worry about retirement.  I know this sounds so stupid considering I'm only 35.  I have years of work ahead of me, but I think about retirement constantly.  Honestly, I'm probably a bit obsessed with it.  I run different scenarios in my head and research exactly how much money I'll need in order to live comfortably after I stop working.  I pop numbers into Retirement Calculators every month or so to make sure I'm on track.

4.  My sister and I both live in Indiana and my parents live out in Missouri.  For years, they have discussed moving back to Indiana in order to be closer to the granddaughters (and my sister and me, of course).  It all seemed like an awesome idea, but now I worry that maybe it isn't the best thing for them.  Don't get me wrong.  I want them closer.  But, I worry about their happiness being so far from the friends and life they've created in Missouri.  They would have to start all over again in Indiana.  I don't want them to move and then be totally miserable.

5.  Back when we purchased our home in 2011, the home inspection man said that we would want to watch and make sure termites didn't set up shop in the back of our home.  The front of our house is brick and the back is wood.  He found a few spots in the back where the soil was close to the wood (or something like that).  Anyway, we haven't sprayed for termites and Jas assures me that we're fine.  But for the past 2 years, I've had this nagging dread that we'll get termites.  Sadly, I think about this daily.  Daily, people. 

I worry constantly.  And if I'm not worrying about something, I worry that there's something happening that I should worry about that I'm not.  It's a crazy, vicious cycle.

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