Monday, May 6, 2013

The Things I Choose To Worry About

I have never considered myself a big worrier.  I believe this is mostly because I never felt like I had to -- my mother worries enough for everyone in our family!  Worrying is not really in my nature but I do allow myself to worry about a select few things.  Here are those things and why.

My Parents - They are the single biggest reason Superman and I moved back to our motherland.  I wanted to be closer to them as they are getting older and I realized just how lucky I am that they are both still around.  They both give amazing advice, but the thing I missed most during the five years were the hugs.  Those reassuring touches.  I worry about my parents because they are in the mid-sixties and I have seen them both age a lot in the last ten years.  They are both retired now and are enjoying their well-deserved retirement.  I still worry about them.  I almost cannot put into words the things I worry about with them -- I just worry.

Superman - I worry about Superman traveling all the time.  I hate that he leaves in such early hours on Monday mornings and I worry about him being so far away for so many days a week.  I worry that he is too stressed about money since I do not work.  I worry that he feels like he is missing out because he is gone so often.  I worry that he feels like he comes into our world for three days a week and that he does not understand what being home is like.  I worry that sometimes he feels like I am not an interesting person anymore because all I talk about anymore is Superboy; I try to remain in touch with the outside world but sometimes it is difficult.  I worry that he needs a vacation.  I worry that he does not exercise.  I worry that he does not get enough sleep.

Superboy - I worry about all of the same things that most parents do.  It has been interesting to me the strange things that I worry about with Superboy.  I constantly worry about the temperature of his room. I know that sounds ridiculous, but it is true.  I worry that he will not make friends.  I worry that he will be picked on.  I worry about how he feels when I am short with him.  I worry that he will feel lonely.  I worry that he does not get enough sleep.  I worry that we will never figure out what side of his head to part his hair on.  I worry that he is having nightmares when he whimpers in his sleep.  I worry that he will get my sweet tooth and will never want to eat another vegetable in his life.  I worry that he will lose his baby teeth early and will have to have a bunch of teeth pulled to accommodate his tiny mouth (like I did).  I worry that he does not have enough play dates.  This list is endless.  I could really go on and on here.

Reading these lists back, it does appear that I worry far more than I thought I did.  However, the good news is that I do not sit around worrying often.  It will hurt me in a short burst and then it blows away with the wind.

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