Thursday, May 30, 2013

I've Already Won

Like Super Jane, I often dream of hitting a lottery jackpot.  I think we all do.  You hear about these huge amounts of money and you let your mind wander to a place that you know is just a distant dream.

I used to have a job that required I visit an office and wear actual work clothes.  In those days, I would have dreamed of quitting my job via an email that basically said, "See ya later, losers!"  I would run off with Superman and we would live in a beautiful beach house.  We would spend our days on the beach and drinking beers with the locals at night.  We would eat delicious seafood and soak up the sun.  We would travel the world and do all of the things we are not able to do because we are tied down to jobs and paying bills and basically working our lives away.

These days my dreams are a little different.  I no longer have a job that allows me to leave at 5:00 and leave the work behind.  The job I have now is a 24/7 job that never ends.  My dream now a little hazel eyed boy who I would lay down my life for.  Now my dream would be that the lottery jackpot would mean that Superman would no longer have to travel for work in order to provide for us.  The three of us would buy a house for ourselves on the beach and a house on the beach for my parents.  We would spend our days on the beach and watch the sun set at night.  We would eat delicious seafood and soak up the sun.  We would travel the world and show that little boy all of the possibilities that the world holds.  We would be able to send him to whatever school he wants.

So what would I do?  It sounds like I would drink a lot of alcohol, travel a lot and live on the beach.  Big dreams, for sure.  However, that is just how I like them.  Big dreams pay off in a big way.  I may not have won the financial lottery yet, but I have won the lottery in every other way.  So, for now, I am good.

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