Friday, May 3, 2013

Nom nom

I don't eat candy very often - aside from bursts of gorging at Halloween and Easter.  I'm more of a chocolate chip cookie gal - or ice cream - or gelato!  Mmmmmm, gelato.

However, when Easter time rolls around, I do indulge in my all time favorite candy.  (I - er - the Easter Bunny puts it in the kids' baskets, and it's the one thing I immediately pick out while they're not looking.)  And that is . . . starburst jellybeans!  

Regular Brach's jellybeans just don't cut it for me - blech.  And although I'll eat 'em, Starburst don't ring my bell either.  But for some reason, you put the Starburst flavor into the jellybean form, and I am in heaven.  I will eat them until I am sick.  I will eat them instead of a meal.

If you ever want to know the way to my heart - - - it's through a big old bag of Starburst jellybeans!

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