Thursday, October 30, 2008

i love me some facebook.

i resisted facebook (or fb as we facebookers call it) for quite a while. my biggest concern is that i work for a university and i did NOT want my colleagues or my students finding me. but then i realized that people couldn't "see" my page unless i gave them permission which got me thinking. i finally decided to join fb, but to add an extra layer of "protection" i used my maiden name. it was one of the best things i've done! it's like a reunion with your friends every single day!

i get to see baby pictures and wedding pictures and vacation pictures of all of my friends. i learn about how their days went, what they're eating for lunch, who they are rooting for in the monday night football game (or the upcoming election). it's so much fun!

the best part is that i've reconnected with so many friends from my past. most of these folks i never thought i'd see again! it's been fantastic catching up on their lives and feeling as though not a day has passed since we last saw each other (even if it has been 12+ years). and of course, it's always nice to communicate with "current" friends using another vehicle. i mean, who would've thought that wicked could send me virtual christmas gifts to place under my virtual christmas tree that i can open on the real christmas day? and i can't very well throw a sheep at g love in my real life. seriously, the fact that we can throw sheep at each other just makes a fb account all that more worthwhile.

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