Friday, October 24, 2008

my perspective.

thankfully, i haven't felt much of the recession crunch. super jas and i had been living off of one income for so long, that we already made those expertly suggested cut backs long, long ago. and once you live with those cut backs (ie. no cable, no tivo, at home hair cuts, rarely eating out, etc.) for several years, you get used to them. for those who are just now instilling some of these money saving tips, take heart. you will learn to live without them. you will wonder why you ever wasted $x on that "luxury" all along.

super jas went back to work full-time about 2 months ago. it's been AMAZING having 2 incomes again!! we lived for over 3 years without 2 paychecks. 3. long. years. without a lot of the wants. as i said before, thankfully, we have lived frugally all along, so while most are struggling with the recession, we are enjoying an additional paycheck.

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