Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I Wonder What I'll REALLY Give Up?

Gym membership? Nope, it’s the only way I’ll actually work out, and lately I’ve discovered that on the two weekdays that I don’t work out, I’m crankier than on the three weekdays I do work out. So I can’t let that slip or I’d lose all my friends. And friends are important in times of financial distress.

Cable subscription? It’s only $17/month b/c all we pay for is good reception, not any channels. At least we won’t have to buy a converter box in February! And we all know how much I love my shows. TV is non-negotiable. I mean, maybe if I got Netflix again … but that would be more than $17/month, so nothin’ doin’.

Sirius subscription? Not necessary! In a flash of brilliance, we decided to pony up for a lifetime subscription back in the day. Yipee! Alt Nation 21 forever!

Costco membership? Uh-uh. No sir. It pays for itself in our gas savings and our Coke savings. And every good long while, our Sun Chips savings. And Degree savings. And Swiffer savings. And Clorox CleanWipes savings. And red/yellow/orange/green peppers savings.

Magazine subscriptions? How can you even ask me that??!!??

Pretty much everything else I pay for on a regular basis is a bill … mortgage, student-loan, credit card, car/homeowner’s insurance. So, like Wicked M, here ends my thinking about my personal stakes in the economic meltdown. I’m too busy reading magazines and listening to my “loved” songs from Left of Center while on the elliptical, thinking about my 80-count box of granola bars and what’s on TV that night.


G Love said...

I also keep the Sirius and the Netflix. A girl's gotta live, you know!

kaycee said...

Actually- netflix is only like eleven bucks a month. Just so you know. Well, if you only get two at a time.