Wednesday, October 29, 2008

MyBook? FaceSpace?

I like to attempt humor by claiming to be an "old person" who doesn't know much about the "Internets" and then jumble the names of the two networking sites. It always gets a laugh, so of course I do it a lot.

My fellow WW have just shown you why I don't belong to any other cyberworld save this one and my email account. I have an addictive personality, I think, and so in order to keep my job (we're Web-free at home partially b/c we know we'd end up working off the clock if we did--see? Addictive!), I am not ever going to join in on the requesting and Poking and Linking and whatnot. If people want to keep in touch with me, they'll just have to, you know, email me!

But, then again, I also was not ever going to write a blog.

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