Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Regret

I pined for a far away boyfriend all during my freshman year. Ugh. Looking back, I want to smack my freshman year self. He was a year younger than me, a basketball player, and he got a basketball scholarship to a school in Florida. I bet that you have already guessed how this ended: he cheated on me his first weekend of college. Duh. I also regret that I pined for him while also cheating on him. I am an awful person and to cut myself some slack, I was only eighteen. I hardly knew anything.

After freshman year boyfriend broke my heart, I took some time out for myself. That is when I decided to let my best guy friend get me drunk "so I could see what all the buzz was about". (pun intended) My sophomore year was a fine one and I made many many friends that year. There is not much I regret about my sophomore year. Thankfully.

Near the end of my sophomore year I began dating a fraternity guy/big time jock and the two of us had a grand old time together. We had an interesting relationship until my junior year/his senior year. He had what I call the "Senior Guy Freak Out" and our relationship become, uh, trying. He was faced with becoming a grown-up, I was faced with a boyfriend who suddenly wanted little to nothing to do with me. I could not possibly understand what he was going through, this is true, but I put up with his behavior anyway. I do regret that. I should have kicked him to the curb the minute his behavior become childish and selfish, but I was young and "in love". Whatever.

What followed were months and months of misery. The two of us would break up and get back together and have fights and make up. It was awful. I regret that we ruined what could have probably been a good friendship in trying to force a romantic relationship that had reached its end months before. I regret that a lot.

Most of the rest of my college experience was filled with unpublishable items. Most of which I do not regret at all! Thank goodness...

*On a totally different path, I would TOTALLY have told off my chem prof who tried to come on to me. And I totally would have told that other professor what I thought of his misogynistic remarks. Jerks,the both of them!

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