Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Social Networking, Anyone?

MySpace was never really something I got into. As far as I can tell, it is more for the people who want to post pictures of themselves doing things that should not be posted online or a place for singles to meet. The reason I say this is because I am constantly bombarded by dirty pictures when I am on this site and I am usually only logging in because some random person has requested to be my friend and I am curious. Typically, this "friend" is someone I have never met but thinks my profile picture is cute. Ugh. My profile on MySpace is private due to some stalking issues I have dealt with in the past (people stalking me, not the other way around), so I know that they cannot see that I am married, but DUDE. Stop telling me I am a hottie and would I like to go grab a drink?

Thankfully, most of my real-life friends have abandoned MySpace or never joined in the first place, so I let that membership mostly slide. I rarely log in, I never check it unless prompted by a friend request, and you can only see my info if we are friends. I feel fairly secure in knowing that I may never check MySpace again.

I am, however, ADDICTED to Facebook. I find this site far easier to use than MySpace and it seems to be a more classy than MySpace ever hoped of being. Thank goodness. Facebook has let me network with a lot of people that I attended college with and had lost touch with. It is fun to see their spouses, their kids, and their pets. I enjoy reading their comments about my status message, I like sending them SuperPokes and I love it when I win playing Bingo! I love it when I get a friend request from someone I thought I might never hear from again and I enjoy the interaction among friends who are far away.

Facebook is a huge time suck though. I have wasted more hours at home and at work than I care to admit but I cannot seem to help myself. Must look at the new pictures g love posted of her baby! Must see what Cupcake is up to this weekend! I need to check on my Lil Green Patch! I am hopelessly addicted. Oh, Facebook, how I love thee.

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