Thursday, February 28, 2008

Wonder no more. Here's what I envy (today).

· People who aren’t crazy-busy at work (so you’re off the hook, super jane).
· People who aren’t in the thick of searching for five new co-workers.
· People with short, chic haircuts (so you’re soon to be on the hook, Wicked M).
· People whose husbands don’t have bad colds.
· People whose homes are cleaned by someone else.
· People who have the disposable income to pay for said someone else to clean said homes.
· People who already know what they’re having for dinner (so you’re off the hook, G Love).
· People who get to go out for dinner.
· People who have balmy, sunny weather out their windows (so you’re on the hook, Kat).
· People who put time, effort, and creativity into their posts (so y’all are all on the hook, WW!).

1 comment:

kaycee said...

And the evening proved even more lovely- star filled by the fire pit at McMennamins! With a spanish coffee! Aren't you green!