Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day Plans

1. Fall out of bed at 5:35A to drag my butt to the gym (thanks, W, for going out of town tomorrow so I have to do the two-days-in-a-row thing w/you).

2. Indignantly grab the card I got for The Boy and stuff it in my gym bag to write in at work. I do this indignantly b/c on 13 Feb. at 7:22P, The Boy asks, “You didn’t get me a card, did you?” I reply, “Are you asking me if I got you a card b/c you neglected to get me one? After I looked you in the eye a week and a half ago and said, ‘Even if we don’t really do anything for Valentine’s Day, you know you still have to get me a card, right?’” The rest of this conversation has been edited for length and content: it ended with my laughing, “You suck!” as we got ready for bed.

3. Get to work after the gym. Wait semi-patiently for The Boy to bring me coffee.

4. Get choked up at my desk. B/c he brings me my coffee, a 100-calorie pack of Doritos for my lunch, a chocolate-glazed donut, and a card. A very sweet, honest, heartfelt and romantic card.

5. Call The Boy and sheepishly thank him after getting caught being weepy, slightly freaking out one of my male faculty members.

6. Spend the rest of the day working and pushing chocolate on people. Ooh, and remember to write in The Boy’s card!

7. Go home and cook dinner—a new recipe from Real Simple that incorporates two of my favorite things: wine and olives. Give The Boy his card. Get some kisses.

8. Put a tape in the VCR for “Lost” and “Eli Stone.”

9. Head w/The Boy for the reason we need to tape “Lost” and “Eli Stone”: our celebration of Valentine’s Day.

10. Oh, do you want to know where we’re going? How we’re celebrating? Oh, sure! Well … the local Humane Society is having an Adopt-a-Thon today, tomorrow, and Saturday. And for Valentine’s Day, the adoption fee for little (and big) kitties is only $14. So. It’s been seven months that J has been meowing solo, so we’re gonna go check out bringing home a new friend for him!

11. Possibly begin the process of introducing J to the new kitty.

12. Go to bed late. And possibly w/a very confused and irritated J sniffing outside the office door, wondering who the hell this new kitty is.

13. Get up tomorrow, go to work, and tell everyone we’ve ever met all about the results of the Adopt-a-Thon.

14. Polish off the leftover candy.


glove said...

I'm writing this through a fog of nausea. For once, it's not pregnancy induced. It's chocolate induced. Bring on Valentine's Day!

OK, now to the real message.

) (
) (
) (
) (

That is a computerized representation of me crossing my fingers that you bring home a new meow-meow today! The ultimate Valentine!

glove said...

OK, that looked a lot different in the comment box. It actually looked like an x.


Kind of like that. Only bigger.

kaycee said...

Hooray for Kitties!

super jane said...

i hope you have a successful adoption! we've been meowless for almost 2 months now and super jas hates it. we may have a new addition this spring.

i can't wait to hear about your new meow-babe!

Wicked M said...

stageXing is a sweet boy even if he does things last minute! And the chocolate doughnut, card, coffee, Doritos combo? That is FREAKING awesome!

I can't wait to hear about the new kitteh!