Monday, February 4, 2008

I Wonder What My Best Birthday Was...

*Wicked M here. I will now be your hostess on Mondays. Welcome to twelve weeks of wicked, wicked goodness.*

This wonder is an easy one for me. It is easy mostly because I just returned from three-and-a-half days of birthday celebration in Las Vegas, baby. My husband, the ever brilliant Superman, concocted this birthday surprise for me sometime around Thanksgiving. He was in cahoots with my best bud, MSO Rin, and together they agreed that whisking me off to my favorite town in the U.S., Sin City, would be the best way to celebrate my 31st.

My husband is notorious for being the Best Gift Giver Ever. It is extremely annoying but also very satisfying at the same time. I mean, I would like to claim the title and all, but I sort of win anyway when I am the one receiving the gifts. So. That is how my 31st birthday turned into the best birthday I have ever had. Superman had this bright idea to invite MSO Rin and her husband to join us in the City of Sin. He surprised me at Christmas with the itinerary and MSO Rin and I furiously made plans all through January. Since she and her husband had never been before, I tried to impart some of my Vegas (baby!) wisdom before we left. Wear comfortable shoes. Do not under any circumstances take a card from the men on the street corners. You know, the basics.

Anyway, we arrived on Thursday and planned our attack on Vegas (baby!). I bought Elvis sunglasses. We oohed and aahed over the lobby of the Bellagio. We gasped at the frescoes in The Venetian. We stuffed ourselves at the Flamingo buffet. We walked our feet off and saw as much of the Strip as we possibly could in the time we had. We laughed our biscuits off. My cheeks still hurt from smiling so much. We toasted my birthday with a fabulous meal (and several bottles of wine) at Canaletto at The Venetian. I got to wear the most fabulous sparkly sequined dress ever. We played roulette and tried to spin the wheel on the giant Wheel of Fortune slot machines. We took funny pictures and laughed ourselves to sleep. It was perfection. 31 started off with quite a bang.

**This wonder was inspired by Superman asking me no less than 4000 times whether or not my 31st had been my best birthday ever. I honestly cannot think of a birthday where I had more fun or laughed harder. I cannot think of a birthday where I was in my favorite place in the world with three of my favorite people in the world at the same time. I will say that the year my Dad made a Pin the Tail on the Groundhog game for my friends and me to play is a pretty close second. I mean, that is creativity! However, Vegas (baby!) wins hands down.


super jane said...

yahoo! i'm glad you gals had a ball. you deserve a great start to your 31st year of life.

now, get those pics up on your other blog so i can fill myself with envy, please.

MSO Rin said...
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MSO Rin said...

I think this was your best birthday, too. :)

No pix of me or stageXing on the blog, please. Sorry!