Wednesday, February 13, 2008

our plans for valentine's day.

we set our plans for valentine's day last week at the oral surgeon's office. bright and early at 9 tomorrow morning, super jas will have all 4 of his wisdom teeth removed. my mother-in-law is coming down this evening and will spend the night tonight so that she can take little mama to school in the morning. it's little mama's valentine's party at her school and i definitely don't want her to miss that.

so while little mama is opening valentine's cards from her school chums and eating candy hearts, i'll be sitting in the waiting room, flipping through outdated magazines, waiting for super jas to have yet another surgery done. yippee.

there will be no candlelight dinner (unless the power goes out as a result of the snow), no candy, and most likely no card either. we probably wouldn't even know it was valentine's day if we didn't have little mama reminding us every 4 seconds that her party is thursday. did you know it was thursday? huh? huh? huh? didja? didja? didja? because it is.

i did buy the girls each a little something to mark the occasion. a tiny box of chocolates, hannah montana shirts all around, and new [expensive] shampoo (hannah montana for little mama, high school musical for aj) will do just the trick.

as for me, i'll be caring for the love of my life, which, i suppose, is what valentine's day is all about. nothing says romance though like a drugged up husband with chipmunk cheeks.


glove said...

ouch. I had that done in high school. Poor jas. At least your littlest Valentines each will have an exciting day! You're all give and no take this year. I hope you get some "give" very soon.

Wicked M said...

I also had my wisdom teeth out in high school. Not as bad as I had expected, so I hope that your man comes through with flying colors and that he is healed in no time.

Chipmunk cheeks! That made me laugh. I played volleyball with a girl who had her wisdom teeth pulled and was a chipmunk for months and months! We gave her such a hard time about it! But it was cute...really!

Wicked M said...
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MSO Rin said...

Best of luck to you and super jas! I had my wisdom teeth out the summer after sophomore year at HC. And got a dry socket. That is NOT something you want, for Valentine's Day or any other day!

Happy Heart Day to the woman w/possibly the biggest heart on the planet!