Wednesday, February 27, 2008

today's envies

i had emailed my fellow wonder women late this afternoon telling them that i wouldn't be able to post today. i'm having some serious issues with my job and i was so stressed out today that i didn't eat. all day. not even a dip inside the candy jar which is huge for me. but tonight, as i hear my girls splashing around in the bathtub i thought i would take a break from folding laundry to write my post. because if ever i were envious of anyone, today would be the day.

my bff tara and i talk about this topic frequently. mostly, we are envious of others' money and material goods. aren't we all though? both tara and i have nice houses with nice things furnishing them. we have food on the table and a few extra yummy goodies stored in the pantry. they are things we don't need, but want. and we are blessed to be able to have them. there are more days than not though when we turn to what we wished we had. we look at our sisters and envy their vacations...and their clothes...and their vehicles. we look at our friends and envy that they are in occupations that they love. when will we find all of those things that others around us seem to have? it's all human nature, i suppose - to want what everyone else around us has. to see the blessings given to others while taking our own for granted.

let me bring it back to today though. who do i envy today?
1) millionaires who did absolutely nothing in order to acheive their wealth.
2) people who know their jobs inside and out and feel comfortable in their professional shoes.
3) mothers who enjoy cooking and have no problem whipping up a healthy, home cooked meal in minutes.
4) homeowners with the decorating style to make their homes look like the pages of 'better homes and garden'
5) moms who don't have to yell, "PLEASE DO NOT SLAM THE DOOR. WATCH YOUR SISTER'S FINGERS!" twenty times while trying to type on the computer for 10 minutes.
6) wicked m for the sheer fact that she is probably relaxing at home and eating cheetos right now instead of shouting orders to "PLEASE STOP SLAMMING THE DOOR!" i long for the quiet nights i used to have sometimes.
7) mso rin for her enthusiasm - her constant enthusiasm for life. after my day today, do you think you could ship me a package of your zest, rin? i can really use it right now.
8) g-love for gentleness. she's got a growing baby inside of her belly and i miss the gentleness of how i felt as a new mother. there are nights like tonight when my day has been so rough that i don't have the patience, the sympathy, the love that i need for my own babies.

yes, friends today was a very trying day and i think i envy nearly everyone who isn't in my shoes. but that's today. and i certainly hope that tomorrow is a different story.

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