Monday, February 25, 2008

I Wonder What I Envy

I am not typically a jealous person (unless you are some woman trying to put the moves on my husband -- then? You are dead). I do think that we are friends with certain people for certain reasons and I believe that we also seek out friends who possess qualities, beliefs, experiences, etc. that are different from our own. In finding these friends, we forge strong relationships, learn from them and we become better people. I believe that each Wonder Woman has things about her that are uniquely her own and I love those things about her. And sometimes I am a little bit envious.

I have always been envious of super jane's knowledge that she would always be a mother. I still distinctly remember having a conversation with her while we were still in college -- we were talking about her older sister's children -- and super jane went on and on about how much she loved those kids and about how she could not wait to have children of her own. I was so envious of her surety and confidence. super jane is one of those women that motherhood comes easily to and she wears her badge of motherhood with true pride. She excels at it in every way. super jane is also someone who handles every situation with dignity and grace. She is patient, faithful, and compassionate. Even in the face of extreme adversity, she can see the forest for the trees and she can see the clouds breaking in the distance. She is an eternal optimist and for that I am truly envious.

MSO Rin makes me green with envy for her intellectual wit and her easy laugh. She is rarely met with an obstacle that she cannot immediately see past and she crushes through tough situations with a strength that I am not sure she quite knows she possesses. She is a get-up-and-go kind of girl and she rolls with the punches like no one else I have met. She is a truly thoughtful advice giver and always finds time for her friends. She makes a true effort to stay in touch with distant friends and she is one of the most sarcastically mean (in a nice way!) people I know. She makes people laugh at the drop of a hat and she has wisdom beyond her years. MSO Rin also has a truly unique perspective on the world and I am grateful for the times that she has enlightened me from her viewpoint.

g love is someone that I envy for her many gifts. She is a multi-hyphenate-performer (singer, dancer, actress, etc.) and she is truly a wonder. Her sweet voice is one that I remember singing sweetly at a friend's wedding and at sorority events in college. Her ability to take a piece of music, a poem, or a monologue and completely inhabit the piece is something that makes me green with envy. Her gypsy soul is something that I relate to, but her ability to just go do the things she wants is what amazes me. She never sees the "real world" as an obstacle to her doing what she loves, being where she loves, and living the way she truly wants. In the few months, I have watched her go from a semi-carefree married woman to a woman having a surprise baby. She has handled that situation with an enthusiasm and gusto that I am in awe of. If it had been me that that had happened to, I would probably still be on my bathroom floor crying. g love just pulled herself up by the bootstraps and carried on -- all the while truly seeing the glorious situation for what it is -- a blessing.

Each of these women is a blessing to me. I had to stop myself from writing a million words about each of them in order to keep this post to a readable length! These Wonder Women truly are remarkable. I am lucky to count them as friends, to know them as they truly are in real life, and to be able to learn from them on a daily basis.

p.s. I have every intention of writing the funny things I am envious of about each of these women as they post their entries this week. So, stay tuned because there is some funny stuff coming in the comments section!

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