Thursday, February 7, 2008

i wonder which birthday was the best?

i can't recall many birthdays. unfortunately, they all seem the same from one year to the next. i remember bits and pieces from various birthdays, but there hasn't been a hands down winner yet. like g-love said, maybe my best birthday is yet to come. like a whirl wind cruise for my 50th or something.

i do remember one birthday though that made me feel so special. i believe it was my 23rd...or was it my 24th? anyway, i was working at a university up north and all of my colleagues made me feel like a really special gal that day. one girl brought in a dozen donuts (my favorite food) while another celebrated by bringing in cupcakes. one dear friend gave me a necklace and yet another brought me a huge jar (think bulk, restaurant sized jar) of green olives (another of my favorite foods). i received countless cards and well wishes that day...

and it was nice. i haven't forgotten that feeling of being cherished and loved.

i wish every day were my birthday.


Wicked M said...

A giant jar of olives!? That is awesome. Beyond awesome. I want one immediately.

I love that your co-workers celebrated you and your birthday. Adorable.

super jane said...

they were, by far, the best group of people to work with. we were unusually close. we were always with each other, even after the work day ended. we'd eat dinner together, have game nights, watch movies, etc. they were the coolest bunch ever and now we're scattered all over the country... :(

glove said...

i know. all my better birthdays kind of blend in together, and i only remember the really pathetic ones. i think birthdays are sooo fun when you're a kid, and sorta fun when you're in college (drinking!), and then lame when you're in your 20s and 30s and have no money to do anything, but they get better again when you hit the 50s, the kids are gone, and your money is yours to spend. I fully intend to travel the world on each of my birthdays - after my last kid is out of college. So, a while from now!

PS ditto on the olives. Pregnant lady now craving olives.

T Pea said...

Sigh. Those were the days, weren't they?