Friday, February 15, 2008

I Wonder What I Will Do With the Long Weekend...

Long weekends overjoy me. I love the laziness of them, the sleeping in, the long days of watching bad television. I also love the staying out later than usual and the short weeks that follow them! I always wonder what everyone else does with their long weekends. I figure that we are not all that different.

This weekend should be fantastic. Tonight we are headed to our favorite restaurant for a celebration of sorts. We will be toasting to Superman's outstanding yearly review and to all of his hard work this past year. 2007 really put him through the wringer and the stellar review that he received is a true testament to his tenacity, intellect, drive and strength of character. He is an awesome man and he deserves to be celebrated.

Saturday will be a day of laziness, I am sure. We may run a few errands, we might not. The possibility that we might lay around in our pajamas is very high. We were scheduled to be having dinner at The Melting Pot on this night, but our plans got nixed when something else came up. Which leads me to Sunday. On Sunday we are meeting with a tax man who will hopefully explain to us the ins and outs of the insane U.S. tax system. I am hoping he is a miracle worker and that I can call and re-schedule our Melting Pot dinner as soon as that meeting is over. Otherwise, it will be mac & cheese and peanut butter sandwiches for a while for us. Fingers crossed he is a nice man and is not shady (but a miracle worker no less!).

Monday will probably be the best day of our long weekend. We get to sleep in on a Monday, which always feels a little like we are playing hooky, and then we will get to watch bad daytime television. All. Day. Long. I cannot wait. I love to sit in my pajamas, eat junk food, and laugh at the people that are beamed to me through the little cable box.

I think I am most excited about this long weekend because it is the second one we have had in two months' time! Never in my life have I had President's Day and/or Martin Luther King Day off, so I am taking full advantage of having these two long weekends. Let's hear it for long weekends!!

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glove said...

Apparently what one does with a long weekend does not include writing a Wonder Woman blog post . . . Wicked, what is our topic this week? I wait with bated breath . . .