Friday, June 15, 2007

I Wonder Why This Makes Me Laugh So Hard...

Lately Superman and I have been on a funny commercial kick. I mean to say that we judge commercials and lately have found a few that make us laugh -- a lot. A typical evening will find us parked in our living room with the television tuned to something that is either
a) awesomely bad reality t.v.; b) Discovery channel; or c) a comedy. Each of these offers a different type of entertainment, but they also offer varying commercials. Here are the three that are making me laugh the most right now (I hope you've seen them!).

The Cingular Wireless commercial with the mom and the little girl. I call it the idkmybffjill commercial. The mom is asking the little girl about who she is texting all the time and the little one replies, "idk, my bff, jill." she says it so matter of factly and i love the tone of her voice. It's very, "Duh, mom, I'm totally texting my friend and we speak in this text language all. the. time." The mom takes the little gal's phone as punishment and as she is walking away, the little girl says, "This is snf!" The Mom looks irritated and in an attempt to speak her daughter's language, she says, "Me paying this bill is what's s (pause) n (pause) f!" Hilarious. This commercial even comes with captions! Genius!

The Geico commercial in which they are interviewing the Geico Gecko about why he got chosen. He says something about geckos and how it sounds like Geico and then compares how a different animal would have been used if the company had a different name. He says something about a puma and the way he enunciates the word is priceless. After the gecko says puma, I hear nothing. I've stopped listening. I'm entranced by the puma. Superman and I can be heard at various points during the day yelling, "Pu-ma!" in fake Australian accents to each other. It makes us laugh.

The last commercial is one for Cox Communications. This commercial opens with a guy standing in the center of a room full of sports memorabilia. He's got stripes all over his body and he is talking to someone on the phone. Apparently, he's gotten some tattoos and wants them removed. The Cox Communications application is supposed to make his message more clear, but, "Sorry, Roger, you tiger now," is all he hears. This one is gold! Superman and I say this to each other constantly when something doesn't go our way. The image of a man with permanent tiger stripes is awesome enough, but when the guy on the other end pronounces him a tiger, I was completely won over.

Happy Friday!


super jane said...

i have seen the bff jill commercial and it is pretty humorous. i had never seen the other two though until now. i'm loving the geico one! too funny!

my favorite commercial right now is the one with the lucky rabbits feet. have you seen it? so freaking hilarious! probably one of my favorites of all time.

G said...

Yes -

the geico and the rabbit's feet are my all time faves. I saw the rabbit's feet one and just. fell. over. Awesome.

Wicked M said...

I love the rabbits' feet commercial too! I thought of that one after the fact, but I am glad that you two mentioned it! Glad I could make you laugh!