Friday, June 8, 2007

I Wonder Why I Can't ...

… make flossing a habit. I mean, come on, self, it’s not that hard! You take a piece of Glide (or the Target equivalent), twist the ends around some fingers—one from each hand is the best method—and you go to town on that evil, evil plaque!

I’ve read the articles. I’ve heard it from my dentist. I’ve felt the guilt. But I just can’t make it a habit. 30 days straight of that strangely unsettling plinking/pick-pick noise? A month of sensitive gums? Four weeks of getting grossed out when emptying the bathroom trash can? Can’t do it. Sorry, teeth! Sorry, heart!

Does anyone have suggestions? I want to floss. I want to engage actively in personal dental care beyond brushing two to three times a day. I just … can’t. HELP ME!


super jane said...

now this is one thing i don't have a problem with. i'm addicted to flossing. i don't do it for the teeth health or the heart health, i do it because of the way my teeth feel afterwards. ah, so fresh and clean! i love it!

Wicked M said...

Oh. My. Goodness. You don't floss? I had no idea! Okay, I am with super jane here because I love flossing! Love! I even got a compliment from the dentist on Thursday about how it really showed that I floss! Would the ego stroke from the dentist be enough incentive? Um, hm. I'm going to have to ponder this for a about this? You should just DO IT and start now!!!