Tuesday, June 19, 2007

i wonder about a re-do at 21.

i honestly don't think i would change a thing about my 21st year. nothing in particular stands out, so i'm assuming that it went okay. or maybe it didn't and i'm just blocking it all? *scratches head*

i turned 21 in january of my junior year in college. we had just started our 2nd semester and i didn't have a huge bash or anything. i remember my roommate and jas took me to a local watering hole called "shipley's." we had a few shots (mainly apple pucker) and then went back to campus to celebrate. we traipsed from fraternity house to fraternity house and i got my fair share of free drinks. it was nice. it was a typical saturday night on campus.

i guess you could say that technically, i spent some of my 21st year in my senior year of college. i had a ball during that 1st semester and while i did some things that i'm embarrassed of now or even ashamed of, i'm not sure i would re-do it. you live and learn, you know? those events (aka mistakes) build character, right? i guess so, but most importantly...they also allowed me to have a kick ass time.


G said...


AAAAAHHHHH, I still remember. There is NO better place to spend your 21st than Shipley's tavern. None. That is ace!

G said...

Did I just say "that is ace?" What is this, 1955? Sorry, I gotta stop drinking at work.

Wicked M said...

Man, I loved Shipley's. I went there all of five times, but I visited there on my 21st birthday. Woo!