Thursday, June 28, 2007

I Wonder What I Look Like From Behind.

So there is good news and bad news. The bad news is that I rarely, if ever, do a little turn to see what I look like from behind. The good news is that I rarely fret over this issue. So, I had to do some special research with regard to this topic. It was, um, eye opening.

I did a little twirl in the mirror this morning. I wanted to be honest and fair, so I did it without clothes on. Racy, eh? Uh, no.

My hair isn't so awful from the back. It's short, growing out, and I manage to tame it fairly well. It's in that strange growing out stage, so I am sure that on some days I look like an ex-Flock of Seagulls member. Hair: Work in progress. My neck and back are pretty okay. I don't worry about them very often unless I am stressed. Neck and back? Not so bad. My ever-expanding backside is an issue for me as are the stretch marks and cellulite. That part of me isn't pretty from behind. At all. Apparently, it doesn't matter how much running or exercising I do. It just gets worse every year. Backside? Not so good. My legs are pretty okay since I run. They are fairly muscular, but they are usually covered in bruises. Superman is always asking where I got them from and I never remember running into anything. Legs? Pretty okay!

So, I re-did the little twirl in the mirror before leaving for work -- After I put my clothes on. Ah, muuuuch better.

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