Monday, January 7, 2013

I Wonder What I've Been Up To?

Happy New it’s-been-a-few-Years, fearless readers!

At the behest of Wicked M, we are back and about to wonder all over your 2013.
Since I’m the laziest … a self-superlative, mind you—these fine sisters of mine never said a peep when I was the first to abandon my post(ing duties) those many moons ago … I volunteered to take the première Weekly Wonder in the brand-spankin’-new year and even still-pretty-new decade.

And you’re just beside yourself with excitement, aren’t you? What in the world could I have been doing since I last regularly posted? What grand adventures have I been having and which life goals have I been achieving and what exactly have I been doing with my time in the roughly FOUR years it’s been since I was Wondering on a regular basis?
Wonder no more! You quit that! That’s our job!

I have, in the seemingly interminable break I took from this wonderful post …
… not done much. Well, I mean, the Boy and I painted our home office back in November 2010. That was pretty great. And we (along w/my siblings and siblings-in-law and dad) actually surprised my mom in December. That’s extremely hard to do.

You think I’m kidding. You think I’m being modest.
Well, you just wait until you see what my girlies here have been up to. You won’t believe it. They’re incredible. I actually wonder why they let me stick around.

I’m not fishing for compliments—you’ll know when that’s happening b/c I’ll just say, “Hey! Tell me I’m awesome! How much do you love me?” It’s more noodling than fishing the way I do it.
I’m just honestly, humbly, unfailingly, incredibly proud of my fellow Wonder Women and I’m as eager as you are to hear them wonder about how far they’ve come, how much they’ve done and created and earned, how rich their lives are, how in awe they are of one another, how amazing they’ve been.

You’ll see. I’m just happy they keep me around. That’s really all I’ve been doing all these years, fearless readers.
I’ve been being happy. And I hope you have, too.

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Wicked M said...

Give yourself some credit. I see it as your being settled, happy and satisfied. That isn't so bad, now is it?! I am a little jealous of your consistency. Sounds like a dream to me most days!