Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bad Girl

I have a list of bad habits that runs a mile long.  Here are a select few that rank amongst the worst:

...losing my temper
...eating too many sweets
...saying the word "pissed" (maybe this has something to do with the first entry on this list)

Other habits I posses, however, aren't necessarily bad, but are definitely habits.  Perhaps the one that I think probably annoys people (although I've never had anyone confirm this with me) is that I bite on the inside of my mouth.

I'll find myself twisting my mouth during meetings, or church, or while watching tv, or while doing just about anything and biting the inside of my cheek and lips.  I'm actually embarrassed to admit that I chew on the inside of my mouth for a good majority of the day.

Even as I type this, I'm chewing on the inside of my cheek.  See?  Isn't it annoying? 

Sometimes I'll chew gum which keeps me occupied.  But, more times than not, my mouth is left to its own devices and I find myself tugging on my lips and cheeks.

This habit actually freaks me out a bit.  A former coworker used to bite the inside of her cheeks as well.  She said her dentist told her it could cause mouth ulcers.  I've never really confirmed this with my dentist (or even googled it for that matter), but since my dentist has never said anything to me, I've kept up with the habit in a big, bad way.

I really do need to stop.  If not for my oral health then for my own self-consciousness.  I worry that my coworkers talk about me behind my back.  "Oh my gosh!  Can you believe Super Jane?  Isn't that soooo annoying?"  I mean, really.  We all talk about coworkers like that; we talk about their quirks and how irritating they are.  I'm just worried that I'm the topic of conversation behind closed doors.

Maybe this topic is good for me to explore.  Seeing it all written out like this makes me think that this time I can kick the habit for good.

And now I'm off to google "mouth ulcers."

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Wicked M said...

I have never noticed this habit of yours. Ever. So, you're safe from coworkers talking about you...they are probably just as busy doing their own annoying things during meetings! :)