Thursday, January 24, 2013

Drifting Off . . .

I wonder what I cannot go to sleep without?

I am something of an insomniac, and a tremendously light sleeper.  I can barely sleep a night through with my husband in the bed, let alone anything else.  If a kid wakes me up (one often does), or the dog barks, or the house creaks, then I'm up up up, for hours, wishing I could sleep.  No stuffy or lovey or blanket or pillow or anything has ever been able to help much - in fact, they often hurt.  I'm a straight up Princess-and-the-Pea kinda girl, and although I totally hate it, there is little I've been able to do.  I have a hard time falling asleep, as well.  And thus comes my answer to this Wonder - although I have no comforting lovey or blanket or pillow, I rely on the t.v. or reading a book to send me on my way to snoozing.

My need to have the light or tv on leads to the everlasting exasperation of my husband, who in turn exasperates ME with his ability to fall asleep in literally seconds, as soon as his head hits the pillow.  He gets annoyed that I can't make it through a movie without falling asleep, and don't try to (lest I end up awake all night) - I get annoyed that once in bed he is immediately snoring while I blink at the ceiling, desperately wishing for the sandman to come and visit. 

This is why I have watched each 30 Rock episode probably at least 10 times.  Ditto for Parks and Rec.  Downton Abbey is getting up there.  Though I'd love to branch out, if I watch a new show that I have never seen, then I'll be alert, paying attention to it, and may not fall asleep until deep into the wee hours.  If I watch an old favorite, one I've seen a dozen times, then my mind can relax and sleep will eventually overtake me, sooner rather than later.

Oh, it's such a trial, my sleep issue.  My only solace is that I have not passed it on to my children.  Cubby cuddles Puppy at night - a little bulls-eyed dog's head on a blanket - and Jake loves on his disgusting, shabby, holy, limp and no-longer-stuffed-at-all Yellow Bear.  As long as the boys have these precious creatures, they can sleep anywhere, any time.  I wish I had something like that to help me along.  Til then, I'll spend my evenings with Liz Lemon, John Bates, and the indomitable Leslie Knope.  There are worse companions with whom to drift off to sleep.


super jane said...

2 words:

Advil PM

(or should that really be considered 1 word and 1 abbreviation?)

Whatever the case, Advil PM rocks my socks when I'm in desperate need of sleep.

Wicked M said...

I can second Advil PM. I only need half of one pill to help me drift off. I can also sympathize with the snoring husband. OH. MY. GOD. Hate.