Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bad Habits? Who Me?

I have been thinking and thinking about this topic since Monday and for the life of me cannot think of any bad habits I have!  HA HA HA HA HA.  Okay, seriously.  I have so many that I could never list them all.  Here are just a few in no particular order:

1)  CARBS.  Who can resist carbs?  They are so tasty and delicious and I love them all.

2)  Cursing.  I love a properly placed curse word and few things feel better when you are mad than dropping an F bomb.  I make my mother so proud.  I have really been working on this because, well, it would not be good for Superboy to be going around dropping F bombs.  So, while I love cursing, I need to curb it ASAP.

3)  Pinterest.  How has no other Wonder Woman mentioned Pinterest?  I love whiling time away looking at pins and I especially love the Humor pins.  Pinterest is always a great way to get a good idea for my house or to laugh out loud at a pin of a cat doing/saying something funny.  

4)  Twisting my hair.  This is a terrible habit that I genuinely have an issue with.  I keep my hair short to help curb this habit as it makes me look like a crazy person (and also because I look cute with short hair!) to be twisting my hair maniacally.  I have done this since I was a kid, so I really do not know where it comes from.  Luckily, this compulsion can be managed by chopping my hair off.

5)  I have a quick temper.  Sigh.  I hate this about myself but it is reality.  I have a quick temper and I have to work on this daily so that I do not find myself yelling or losing my mind over something that has set me off.  I am not proud of this particular trait of mine, but I do manage it somewhat well.  Hey, I am trying.

6)  Trashy television.  I know the en vogue thing to do these days is to cut off cable and to only watch PBS, but I need The Real Housewives (of whatever city!) to make me feel better.  I love nothing more than decompressing in the evenings with some trashy television.  It makes me laugh, it helps lower my stress level and it makes me feel so much better about myself.  Nope, Wicked M's house will never be cable free.  Ever.

7)  Junk Food.  This sort of goes with carbs, but I thought it deserved a category of its own.  I have a serious love affair with junk food.  Chances are, the worse it is for me, the more I will love it.  I do not gorge myself or eat entire bags of chips at a time, but I do love a few Cheetos in the evening.  I also love Pringles, popcorn, nachos, etc.  I really could go on and on here.  I have really gotten better about snacking in the evenings in an attempt to help maintain my weight (my post-baby body is...questionable at best) but sometimes a girl just needs some junk food in her life.

So, yes, I do have some bad habits.  We all do.  At least mine are not illegal and/or dangerous.  So, I promise not to harp on your about yours if you do not harp on me about mine.


super jane said...

At this very second in time, I'm eating a Dilly Bar from DQ and drinking a Miller Lite.

I cannot (and will not) judge.

Wicked M said...