Friday, November 30, 2007

i wonder what christmas will bring me this year?

there's quite a bit going on in my life right now, so rather than talk about what christmas will be like for us this year (ie. lots of medical bills and a husband recovering from brain surgery), i'll stick to the happy stuff.

*lots of christmas music on the radio - oh boy, do i love christmas music. it's always so cheerful and it never fails to get me in the spirit. i like the traditional carols, but i'm also a fan of some more recent tunes...and not so recent tunes like run dmc's 'christmas in hollis.' i LOVE that song. anyway, there's a radio station here that has been playing christmas music since october. i was a little surprised to hear 'white christmas' on my way home from work one crisp fall evening, but i couldn't pull myself away from it. i tried super-duper hard not to listen to christmas music before thanksgiving, but it was a bit hard for me. thankfully, we're almost into december and now i don't have to make excuses and i'm very content!

*lots of food - seriously, what is christmas without an overabundance of food? has anyone ever been to a christmas dinner where there's been a food shortage? i love christmas because i can eat what i want, when i want, as much as i want, and no one says a word! half the time i'm not even hungry. it's just that a piece of pumpkin pie loaded with cool whip at 9:30am sounds good, that's all. anyone want to argue with that?

*lots of gifts for my girls - this year, i discovered the joy and savings of black friday. i have never shopped on black friday and didn't plan to this year either. but, after perusing the ads in the toys-r-us circular, i couldn't resist. there were so many things on sale that my kids had been asking for. and after adding up the total savings from my early shopping spree, there was no way i could pass it up. i second guessed myself when my alarm went off at 3:30am, but boy was i happy by 6:00am. i had already made my trip to toys-r-us and was back in my warm, comfy bed with visions of dora and high school musical dancing in my head. success!!

have a very merry christmas everyone!


Wicked M said...

I love the Christmas music too. LOVE it. The minute they start playing it on the radio, I tune in constantly. I just have to be sure to change the station if I know Superman will be in the car soon. He would DIE knowing I'd been listening to Christmas music in, oh, I don't know, JULY. :)

Yay for good bargains too! I love Black Friday!

glove said...

Check you out, early morning Mama. I can't wait to see Christmas morning pix of the kids, especially Alana and that ridiculous, awesome bedhead she sports!