Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I'm taking a pass on this week's topic for several reasons. The biggest reason is because I've never had a dream car and I'm not sure what kind of car I would be if I had the chance to transform. I'd like to think I'm some sort of a sports car, but I'm probably something boring and reliable like a station wagon. Meh.

My brain is cloudy and I'm just too tired and jet lagged to process a clear entry for today. My apologies. I'm sure I will return the week after Thanksgiving renewed and ready to be witty and to write something intelligent. For now, my apologies.


MSO Rin said...
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MSO Rin said...

Oh, so reliable is boring? Thanks. I'll forgive you if you claim it was jet-lag and not: 1. you think my topic and me are boring, or 2. you didn't actually read my post and see that I enjoy being reliable.