Monday, November 5, 2007

Happy Election-Day Week!

I wonder how often we stop to think about how historic the next year will prove to have been. There are so many firsts that are possible with Decision ’08 … I wonder how much the fate of our nation will have changed by the end of that first Tuesday in November.

We could have:
· The first
female president
· The first African-American president
· The first Mormon president
· The first “Law & Order” star to become president

I’m sure that each current candidate would bring some kind of first to the White House … I just haven’t started my personal political research yet, so the above list is a little cursory.

But even without much of a clue about where I’ll cast my vote, I can feel the groundswell of change approaching, especially since the current veep won’t be climbing into the fray. I wonder how many of us will weep with joy … how many of us will curse our candidate’s loss … how many of us won’t feel any different at all.

There are people very close to me who don’t vote and don’t ever plan to start. My view is: if you don’t vote, you can’t complain. I have, however, been guilty of uneducated voting (yes, I’ll just vote for the woman when I have nothing else to go on). I take the big primaries and the general election seriously, trying to really get to the heart of what I think someone represents and deciding whether I want to let him/her lead me and mine. But City Council for Ward 2? I’m not so much with the caring.

So anyway. Here’s my point. Vote! I don’t really care (not yet, anyway) for whom you vote, just that you do it. Exercise the thrilling right you have to be history. Because this time next year, we’ll be living it. And someday people will ask you where you were when the first ___________ president was elected … and I want you to have a good story!

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Wicked M said...

Goodness help us I hope there will be change. I need a change. We need a change. -sigh-